Lynn has helped me so much over the years, she has guided me, encouraged me and been an amazing mentor and friend. I am forever grateful for this connection with such a wonderful soul. She will make you feel that power within you again in a gentle and loving way ❤️❤️

Vikki Finlay

I have just completed the 10-week mentoring programme with Lynn and it was absolutely life-changing for me. Lynn helped me clear away my confusion surrounding my life purpose and supported me in regaining my self-confidence to move forward. She also assisted me in working through some important past life experiences which were holding me back. Thank you, Lynn!

Diana Cole

Highly recommended as a Mentor to motivate and empower you on your Spiritual Journey 💜Lynn is very professional but human approach which helps you work out your blocks and remember what your Pastlife issues are 💜Awesome so far in my Spiritual empowerment looking forward to the next half of my journey with the Inspirational Lynn M Morris .

Belinda Birch

Yes I certainly would! Lynne has a wonderful ability to inspire and motivate you into making what could be very scary steps in self-development and spiritual development. A true star seed and teacher of the Aquarian age 💫 helping to raise the vibration of the planet one lady at a time 🙏 and a forever friend .

Emma G

I have just finished 10 weeks of mentoring with Lynn which has been amazing. She helped and guided me to discover what I need to do next in my career and also got rid of lots of past life issues that have been playing over and over again. I have learnt to slow down and listen to my own intuition and connect with Gaia.Thank you Lynn M Morris, I am sure we will be in touch.

Sally Ann North

Lynn mentored me a few years ago now, as well as teaching me angelic reiki, I have also done other workshops with her, & she was exactly who I needed to re-awaken my spiritual path that I had stepped off of years back. Lynn gave me the confidence to go out & do the work I should be doing. Lynn is a very high vibrational powerful healer & spiritual teacher & her gift is to bring out your truth within, your purpose, & help you align with that, empowering women is her particular area, helping women rise from past issues where self esteem & confidence has been lost. I don’t hesitate recommending her to anyone.

Paula Luxford

I have to tell you all. Lynn has given me the biggest breakthrough I’ve had in my adult life…I could say in this life…I feel like so much suddenly makes sense, so many limiting thought patterns have become clear why, so much more confident. All by following her programme, and I’m only week 4. I am astounded, delighted and frankly feel like it’s a miracle. Thank you, Lynn Morris teacher, priestess, sister…

Sophie Ling

Wow Lynn Thank you so much for skills, support. I have pushed through a major barrier thanks to your past life clearings and healing of the soul. Absolutely profound!!!!!! I’m more empowered and yes, I still have a lot of work to do but your mentorship has been a massive support to me in this crucial and important time. I highly recommend Lynn and her mentoring abilities

Julie Lee

Lynn is the most authentic and profound healer/lightworker I know. I’ve been working with Lynn in her mentoring program for 4 weeks now and I have experienced the most profound insights and clarity on my soul’s purpose, so much so that I am preparing to walk forward in my full power and anchor my own life’s purpose. She holds a sublime sacred space for you to open to your infinite potential and her wisdom is profound. She also provides amazing practical tools to help you on your journey. If you are considering the mentoring, take that leap of faith, you won’t be disappointed. Thank you from my heart Lynn.

Isobel Stamford

Lyn is a genuine very easy-going person, the tools of activations are amazing & really unlocking things, she really helps you find your power & just simply talking to Lyn unlocks things & things quickly start happening & changing. If you’re thinking about it, think no more, just do it.