Soul Empowerment & Soul Purpose Alignment Mentoring 

With Lynn ONE To ONE  


I have been working with woman individually since 2016 in my Soul Empowerment

Mentoring Program and I have worked with hundreds of woman over the years.   


I work with woman that feel blocked,frustrated,held back,feel like they carry a significant amount of karmic baggage and feel weighed down by both the past and their every day lifes. 

Who is the program for?

Woman that resonate with the goddess energy & Angelic frequencies, Ascended Masters, Goddess Masters, Mary Magdalene, Isis Lemuria , woman who want to make a difference in the world,who have a calling and want to deliver their divine soul calling & purpose.

They may have just have awakened, or be further along their path but feel thwarted, blocked and shackled , especially in heavy emotions, repeating cycles of disempowerment and feel drawn to Mary Madgalene, Isis, the Sisterhood  of the Rose Teachings and or feel a pull to working with these frequencies for empowerment & deep & transfomational healing.  

I just love to hold space for a woman to unshackle herself and liberate her soul !!

I have a tried & tested formula that really does so much to liberate you from heavy karmic cycles and points of  disempowerment on a soul level, its a seven week journey, we do some shadow work but held in a very powerful and loving space by myself & divine mother.  

We go through the points of your sovereighty, we break old vows, oaths & decrees, we release the past , as much as is required for your upliftment and transformation.
Working with me every week , with soul journey activations, exercises, and giving you a supportive space to share, every individual is different and I work very intuitively with what each woman may need. 
These are some of the things former mentoring clients have said :
Highly recommended as a Mentor to motivate and empower you on your Spiritual Journey 💜Lynn is very professional but human approach which helps you work out your blocks and remember what your Pastlife issues are 💜Awesome so far in my Spiritual empowerment looking forward to the next half of my journey with the Inspirational Lynn M Morris🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 Belinda 
I have just finished 10 weeks of mentoring with Lynn which has been amazing. She helped and guided me to discover what I need to do next in my career and also got rid of lots of past life issues that have been playing over and over again. I have learnt to slow down and listen to my own intuition and connect with Gaia.Thank you Lynn M Morris, I am sure we will be in touch.
Sally Ann 
Lynn mentored me a few years ago now, as well as teaching me angelic reiki, I have also done other workshops with her, & she was exactly who I needed to re-awaken my spiritual path that I had stepped off of years back. Lynn gave me the confidence to go out & do the work I should be doing. Lynn is a very high vibrational powerful healer & spiritual teacher & her gift is to bring out your truth within, your purpose, & help you align with that, empowering women is her particular area, helping women rise from past issues where self esteem & confidence has been lost. I don’t hesitate recommending her to anyone.


 I just love to hold space for other female starseeds, lightworkers and higjh priestesses to shed the past and come ibnto their true soul power , if you feel drawn to working with me , I expect woman to do the work required, victim concioussness woman need not apply, I am looking to work with woman that know they have a soul purpose & mission to deliver, they feel they are being thwarted and they are dwowning in energetic load and are willing to do the work given to get the right result.