She Is Powerful Light Leadership & Success Program

12-month Transformational Program


As from 1st October 2019 She Is Powerful will be host to its flagship Program called She Is Powerful Light Leadership & Success Program. This is a dedicated 12 month transformational program.


When does the program start?

Tuesday 1st October 2019


Who is the program for?


Female Starseeds, Lightworkers, Mission & Soul Purpose based woman wanting to make a difference in the world through their light purpose and unique contribution. And wanting to experience a transformation in their light work, mindset and vibration. We are looking for HIGH VIBE women!

This program is the culmination of the last ten years I have gained working in the spiritual teaching & healing arena, working with hundreds & hundreds of lightworkers on their journey of empowerment and using their skills & abilities to make the change in this world it most desperately needs.

I feel passionate about providing a space for women to step into their greatness, to blossom and grow into their full potential as light warriors and light messengers. So I received an amazing download that guided me to create this space, this program.

This program is for woman feeling like they need a loving & empowering tribe behind them, a program that will give them the teachings, community and encouragement to succeed!

You may be feeling frustrated, confused, weary of trying to do this on your own, trying to figure out in greater detail what you should be doing. You feel a need to express your purpose but fear and self doubt are getting in the way of you getting on with it.

You may already be operating as a healer, spiritual teacher, visionary, channel, writer, artist etc but you feel there is more. You want to do more, you feel you have more to give but don’t know how to express it or tap into your soul work on a deeper level.

Do you have big plans, big ambitions? Do you feel you have a big mission, remit but are scared or frustrated as you can’t put all the pieces together?

Maybe you procrastinate and go round in circles? What would it mean for you to have the support & guidance you need to finally take action and put a strategy into your work? What would it mean for you to be guided and taught how to manifest your mission and deliver it in a better and more efficient way? What would it mean if you could get that mindset aligned with confidence, leadership, mastery and success?

This program provides all of this and more but it requires your commitment to change, your commitment to do the work, your commitment to putting your faith in your mission and purpose. Staying in the room with us, taking action, being accountable, attending the implementation days, turning up for the online coaching, getting involved into the community. Interacting with your coaches and doing what it takes to succeed. Implementation the teachings and strategies straight into the delivery of your soul work.


What the Program includes


  • Minimum of 24 implementation lessons
  • 12 Care mentoring calls
  • Twice monthly group coaching
  • Mission & Purpose Vision questing & planning
  • Six Implementation days in Hampshire (they will be filmed as well)
  • Amplification Teachings
  • Community
  • Mindset & Confidence training including Hypnotherapy to assist you to release old beliefs and instill confidence
  • Rich Resource Bank of extra materials & healing tools if required
  • Lynn’s input into your mission & soul purpose work including looking at the bigger picture, producing strategy for implementation.
  • Regular check-ins with you for strategy review what has been happening etc.
  • Loving & experienced team making sure you get what you need to thrive and succeed during the program.
  • Reduced rate for attending Lynn’s transformation retreats in Almeria Spain in February / or September accommodations / teaching / transfers and some meals included. Its your choice if you want to attend but you will get it at a heavily discounted price and this retreat week will compliment this program beautifully and amplify your work in Almeria which contains the Lemurian energy.
  • ALSO you get a ticket to attend the She Is Powerful Conference in London on Sunday 8th March 2020.


The exchange for all of this and 12 months membership of the program is £1,999. This can be made in one payment or in 12 monthly payments.


Registration is open now

Please message to book a small call to discuss the program with Lynn x

Meet the team who will be supporting you alongside Lynn

Paula Luxford

I’m thrilled to be part of Lynn’s team helping you take those steps towards radical transformation!

I am an Intuitive Hypno/life Coach and I use a combination of healing techniques, hypnotherapy and my intuitive ability to help you find and release those blocks that stop you moving forward and achieving. I help you reprogram your mindset for success. As well as the above I am also a Past Life Regression Therapist and also run various workshops in Somerset, and North Dorset where I live.


Debra Parry

Debra has taken part in many of my courses over the last nine years and has mentored with me in order to move projects forward.

She has an extensive interest in energy healing and was attuned to Angelic Reiki by me. Debra is the Founder of Womb Cancer Info and Womb Cancer Wales, as well as a Co-Founder of Action on Womb Cancer.

Since her diagnosis in 2010 she has written about her experiences for Beauty Despite Cancer – a voluntary role she describes as ‘healing, therapeutic and good for my soul’ – and has previously been interviewed several times on US radio shows Cancer SOS and Advocacy Heals You.

Debra works tirelessly to support women and to raise awareness of this lesser known cancer. Debra will be a fantastic addition to our coaching team as a great fount of knowledge on charity, non profit and setting up such institutions and organisations, Debra also is a very powerful healer and works with the Dragon Frequencies.

“I’m very excited to have the opportunity to work with my Mentor, Lynn, and this amazing team of women. There are definitely interesting times ahead”

Carol Trangmar

Carol has extensive experience as a therapist, healer and hypnotherapist. Carol is especially passionate about Women’s empowerment and assisting woman to recover from any sort of abuse, trauma.  Carol has worked with me undergoing my empowerment courses and mentoring programs and is a very powerful healer and conduit for the divine feminine consciousness.

Carol V Trangmar Dip. L.C., PLR. ,ITEC C.I.E.H Professional Trainer CNHC Registered Member of The Hypnotherapy Association Spiritual Hypnotherapist – Future Life Progression, Spirit Releasing, Past/Parallel Regression, Inner Child Therapy Life Coach