How You Can Work With Lynn

Intensive Inner Child Quantum Healing Sessions 

Divine Mother Sekhmet Soul Emanations Sessions 

Personal 1 to 1 Soul Sovereignty Mission & Mastery Intensives


Intensive Inner Child Quantum Healing Sessions

I have developed very powerful quantum techniques that assist in healing the layers of the Inner child, especially fragmented parts due to childhood abuse, childhood trauma, Starseed child walk-ins, etc.

I used these methods on myself with the King & Queen of Cosmic Unicorns which hold the New Earth Frequencies.

Session package is 5 sessions £444


Emerald Temple Lightbody Distance Healing Sessions

Are you frazzled and struggling with your incarnation, emotional baggage, past life wounds weighing you down? My sessions create a very powerful space so I can work with you on the Lightbody layers, whatever is required to bring you in greater balance and equilibrium.

I have a special access to Emerald Temple Lightbody med beds these beds are especially designed to worl on your emotional body in particular .

Sessions are by dstance and bookable in advance.


Sovereignty & Soul Mastery Mentoring Sessions

I am opening up space for a limited time for personal 1 to 1 mentoring . I have been mentoring lightworkers, Starseeds and High Prietesses for ten years now and I love It !
I am very blessed and gifted to be able to access a souls mission blueprint and I am so happy when i am encouraging and supporting others to their mission mastery and understanding of their soul purpose and to just embrace the journey. My mentoring package is 8 weeks and I work with you to embrace your light, your gifts and to trust, gain deeper faith and step out confidently into the world.