Earth Star Unicorn Grounding & Healing Mat/Grid

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Way back in 2015 I started channelling a very divine and regal Unicorn’s called Galbrothier he is king of the Golden horned unicorns and 11th dimensional, he taught me about children and their mission stars which sit in their aura.

I was given the design for my Unicorn Star mats from himself and this female counterpart Galbrossa the Queen Of Unicorns.

Unicorns work with a child before they are born and decide what size star is going into their aura, the star size denotes what level service that soul will perform in that lifetime.

The star denotes how important and how great the work may be, ranging from eight points to five points , children that go through a toxic environment, bullying, abuse, extreme poverty and drug & alcoholic parents can see their star deactivate as they loose their way.

Children with depression, ADHD, autism, Asperger’s etc can also have an issues with the star being weak , this can cause a child to forget their origins as a soul, loose their sense of joy, innocence and the seeds of their potential.

Their Earthstar is so important to this process, the Earthstar keeps them grounded, it connects them to the seeds of their potential, they receive soul updates too through the soles of the feet through the Earthstar l ITS ALSO A GREAT TOO;L FOR ADULTS TOO

My Unicorn mats ground a child & adult and they work on your Earthstar , they in fact work in many other ways too on the energy field of the individual using it.

They can be used in ceremony, rituals and distance healing grids as well as planetary work , they are 2ft x 2ft

They are £30.00 including postage & packing in the UK



1 review for Earth Star Unicorn Grounding & Healing Mat/Grid

  1. Sarah Faulkner

    Absolutely amazing love this mat, it has the most beautiful light but grounding energy and love using it as a grid for crystals for healing and meditations, great for setting your intentions and asking for help and guidance from the unicorn realm, also good if you have unicorn or angel or other spiritual cards for helping and animals like it too, my dog loves it and sleeps soundly by it. I’m an animal, equine and human reiki master and use it on some of my courses too. Lynn is so lovely and helpful and really works from the heart, follow her on Facebook for inspiring live videos and always ready to help and posted it out quickly too. Thankyou Lynn ❤

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