Divine Mother Light Shield For Children Elixir Spray




Announcing my latest Light spray
Divine Mother Light Shield For Children.
Especially designed to protect and clear a children’s energy field during sleep time, can be used for, babies, toddlers, teenagers and Adults too.

Contains Bergamot, Lavende, vanilla Essence, Orchid, essence, chanelled frequencies Cosmic Divine Mother Arc , Sekhmet, Golden Horned 11th Dimensional Unicorns, sound healing, Scottish Spring Water.

It also is designed to clear headaches/ migraines , instructions how to use it come with the spray.

Come and bathe in my essence and love , let me surround you with a unified and powerful shield of divine love. Unicorns surround you and bless you whilst you sleep, rest well, sleep soundly and hear the whispers of the divine in your precious ears.
Cosmic Divine Mother xxx

They are £18.18 each including postage and they are 50 ml bottles