Working With Lynn 1 to 1 Via Mentoring Course

Lynn has been  working as a soul energy healer  Intuitive coaching, mentoring and guiding clients since 2010, and Lynn is very experienced  in seeing deep into a clients soul blueprint, and finding their loss of power, and finding  serious pockets of healing that need to be addressed. 

Lynn has been running her mentoring programs with women since jan 2016 and Lynn has also created lots of online courses women can undertake as well.  

Lynn is currently running her Soul Empowerment mentoring course which is a eight week mentoring package including 

EIGHT one hour skype/ zoom sessions THIS INCLUDES deep healing & mindset work as well as anything else which comes up during teh sessions with the client. 

Access to Lynn’s Vast bank of Soul Journey activations which you do in a certain order, tio facilitate deep soul healing & recalibration. 

Concentrating on key areas of disempowerment Lynn has indentified which hold women back on a soul level, working with the energies of the Divine femininie, as well as the Angelics & Dragon Realms.   . 

Teachings, videos, journeys, and whatever else is deemed necessary to facilitate the best outcome for the client, lots of loving support, upliftment, inspiration and powerful and loving space held for you to expand & grow.

As soon as you sign up to mentor with Lynn a shift begins which is very profound, and exciting at the same time. Lynn has a profound connection and always works for your highest good and in conjunction with your higher self and soul guide team, 

Working with Lynn can accerlerate your healing pathway & accerlerate your empowerment & soul healing very quickly and assist you in seeing the bigger picture for your life and soul purpose. 

Lynn’s mentoring courses in some cases can save you money in the long run as you could be going around in circles trying to rellease and resolve something that Lynn can see very quickly when she starts to work with you.   

Feel drawn to talk more and connect ? 

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Lynn xx