For Centuries the goddess and what she represents has been quashed,hidden and suppressed and the patriachal society has wanted to keep hidden the power that lies within us us all But the goddess is rising and the  and priestesses are again being reactivated and they are slowly remembering who they really are The number 13  represents the Divine feminine consciousness and what happened it was turned into a unlucky number, so people would run away from using that number and fear the energy of it Instead of embracing the energy and what is really represented. Women have been made to forget how powerful and wise they really are

Here are seven ways you can move closer to your Divine Feminine :Powerful Self.

1. Embrace your uniqueness, know that what lies within you is pure magic and its waiting for you to stand up and use it, by not being afraid to be yourself! Honour your space and do what you want to do.

2. Acknowledge your true inner beauty,its how you feel that is important,not how you look .True soul beauty comes from deep within, it can not be painted on or dyed on, or dressed up in fancy clothes  True beauty is in the love you share and give and feel and in the way you live your life and what you give out to this world and how bright you shine.

3. Talk to the goddess consciousness, call on them to assist you, call on them to guide you to your empowerment Choose a particular goddess if you feel drawn, they will be listening and they are there to guide and assist you.

4. Respect all other women and their own particular journeys, love and support each other, encourage and never pull another women down as in doing so , you only actually pull your self down the collective feminine consciousnesses one.

5. Embrace your experiences as a woman, acknowledge the wisdom that comes with these, use that wisdom to assist others that may be in a bad place or need reassurance or need that wise counsel of yours

6. Admit your vulnerabilities, share your pain, put a voice to your concerns and speak your truth. Don’t put up with something that squashes you, diminishes you and makes you feel inferior, speaking your truth leads to your empowerment and gives you your freedom

7. Embrace change, embrace the new and undiscovered, push past your limitations that others may have put on you. Don’t be afraid to grow old and age, in your years lived is pure wisdom and experience, you know what you don’t want, now its time to go do something about that- and its time to live out your dreams, and its time to do the unexpected and to push the boundaries for yourself.

Lynn M  Morris