As I work in this wonderful area of mentor-ship and assisting others to reconnect to their true power and soul gifts, one thing has become very apparent Our feelings of guilt and awkwardness at spending time doing what we want to do, and allowing ourselves the space to pursue our dreams and giving ourselves permission to spend time by ourselves. Its a really misunderstood thing, we can  think we are being selfish to want to do what we want,especially if you are a woman and you have a family,, children to care for, you will always put your family first and the smooth running of your home as priority – but is that right ?


We all would like to think that we can do it all, have a spotless home, children well looked after, after school clubs all sorted, dog walked , clothes ironed and dinner on the table and if we are lucky 5 mins maybe to ourselves for bathroom breaks !

But what happens to you, what happens to what you want to achieve and create, if you feel you have a talent in a certain area,say for example writing then when are you going to sit down and start ! Next week, Next Month, Next Year, Never !! Space has to made for you to create and bring forward your beautiful god given talents and abilities. Its no good waiting for the universe to suddenly one day, knock on the door and say Today’s yours lucky day you become a writer ! Daily consistent action allowing a space even 5- 10 mins per day to sit and just be by yourself to listen to that silence and let your heart and higher self talk to you.


News breaking ! the universe is waiting for you ! its waiting for you to make the first move and then it will respond to your action guaranteed, the 30 mins you put away to write even every other day will eventually be a book if you keep it up and you will be a much more happier mum and wife, partner daughter etc. Doing something just for yourself increases your self esteem, it honours yourself and it is a form of self love which is so needed in this world for women right now.  I wrote a small book in 2013 and I had no idea I could do that, but consistent odd hour every other day and a small flurry at the end produced a book and wow did it feel good! In fact it was one of the many catalysts for my self empowerment . You deserve to spend time doing what you love, you deserve time to find out what you are good at and what you might want to pursue, its a wonderful feeling, doing things just for you and actually that makes you a better mum and a better wife and partner because it makes you happier and more contented and that is a great thing.


Gone are the days where women should sacrifice their own happiness for putting the family first, of course you will be there as a loving mum and in times of need etc. But quit taking the guilt trip,, stop making excuses, leave the washing up, leave the ironing – forget the bloody garden !!  Go take some action on those dreams of yours they matter – You matter, and the world needs you !


Lynn Morris