You know that feeling, when you awoke and all of a sudden your guides & angels are telling you that you are a healer and teacher ! and you go no not me !! you have me mixed up with someone else ! That was my reacton when I was getting repeating guidance about the fact that I was a lightworker and that my skills were really needed now in this world .

At first there was a chuffed feeling an then the self doubt and none belief kicked right in ! They must have got it wrong, maybe they have me mixed up with someone else , how can I be a great healer & teacher ? No way I would have known before this ! I cant trust that guidance ? I feel a failure ! I am letting spirit down ? My higher self must be angry and displeased with me ? I can’t be what source wants me to be ? How? How can I do it ? I might do it wrong, I might cock it up , I might be doing the healing wrong etc , I am not good enough to be a healer, teacher, therapist, writer. 

All of these thoughts running through your head, trying to put the breaks on your blossoming and awakening, this is the ego, the negative ego, its the belief systems you are running that have formed a story and a protection of sorts. They are trying to keep you safe, keep you comfortable like in a warm cocoon of saftey predictability, comfort zone and the familiar, which certainly is not compatible with divine guidance and being asked to serve the world with your soul gifts & abilities ! 

So here are eight different ways to look at this and to assist you to silence the voices of your self doubt,

1. Your soul is well qualified to do this light work, your soul is eternal and has been doing this work for eons, your in fact an expert by human life standards.

2. Your a bridge for the divine wisdom, love and light, you have a soul contract with the divine to deliver your soul gifts & abilities, the divine only works with the best contractors !! 

3. Hidden unerneath the surface are your amazing gifts they lie in a huge treasure chest, when you dare to open the lid the treasure CAN BE REVEALED.

4. Your energetic gifts & abilities lie semi dormant till you start to use them ! 

5. The power of your gifts & abilities lies in fusing them together like the alchemist .

6. Get out of the way of your ego, who is doing the work your ego or your soul !

7. Enjoy it, try using them and see how you light up, yur heart smiles and sings and you feel like your in another dimension which you are ! 

8. The more you practice the better your soul gifts & abilities get ! 

9. Each time you practice and get uncomfortable, you break a barrier down and you retrain your ego mind to follow and work with soul. 

10. Find a group, like minded friends and supporters to encourage and support you, keep away from naysayers and fill yourself up with positive examples and high vibe energy. 

Hope this helps you put these doubts & fears into perspectative, ancestral fears, inner child, past life baggage all play a part in holding you back from living your amazing beautiful and divine soul purpose.


With greatest  love 


Lynn  xx