Hi there !!

Thank you for taking the time to come and look at my website and what I do and facilitate, I have been in the world of spiritual teaching & healing since 2010, I have been working both with men & woman on profound soul healing and activation & guidance work.

Over the years my work has evolved and I now run a very busy and magical academy for the divine feminine healing, empowerment, and sovereignty. I run regular online group programs for female star seeds and wayshowers, healers, High Priestesses, however, you wish to identify yourself.

I work on many layers of healing all at once, and I also teach others, soul healing techniques, and profound sovereignty work from the Divine feminine.   This academy is overlit by The Cosmic Divine Mother Arc energy, and source has accredited all my courses!

Through my own journey of healing empowerment and sovereignty, I hope to inspire others, as I was a childhood victim of abuse. This clouded my whole life and was a huge wound, that up to a little while ago was hidden, buried in repressed memories that I had tried to dig as deep as I could to forget, to ignore to pretend never happened. The problem was my soul never forgot and my physical body didn’t either. I have ben on a profound journey of healing and liberation and I want to lead others to the same space .

Of course, the journey never ends, but what I have learned I want to pass on to others, there is so much that can be released, healed, and recovered now.

My online courses are also designed so you can do the work yourself in the comfort of your own home, at really reasonable prices, giving you the opportunity to take that helping hand from the divine. I feel so blessed to wake up every day feeling guided, blessed, protected and overlit, with a deep faith that guides me forwards and assists me to take a day at a time. Confident in the knowledge that I am on the right path, I am guided, I am NOT ALONE.

NEITHER ARE YOU! and if you resonate with my own journey, then let me hold space for you to shed layers of unwanted baggage, connect to your own inner divine feminine SELF.

Working with the ascension keys & codes, working with the diamond light, grail codes and working with very powerful goddess masters and Divine Mother arc energy.  I teach in a very informal way, I don’t like or conform to rules and regulations, I don’t hold much importance for over confining rules, I work very intuitively for the group I am teaching and holding space for at any given time.

My programs and courses are not accredited by any organisation or association my courses are accreditted by source – thats good enough for me ! x

I am here to support  Spiritual Teachers, Healers, Starseeds visionaries, women with a burning desire to heal and empower others BUT their own doubts, fears, emotional baggage, past life, energetic contracts get in the WAY !!! I am here to give you confidence, healing, and empowering strategies to succeed!

There is nothing I don’t get or understand when women present to me in repeating cycles and I have experienced all of this during my own journey of alignment to my calling and  Soul purpose, I understand how it feels to want to stand in that power, to use it for a force of good in this world, to want to use your voice to want to use your gifts – BUT its extremely challenging and something keeps getting in your way!

I also run popular empowerment & healing Goddess Retreats in Glastonbury, France, Egypt, next retreat is Glastonbury October 2020

Its  time you gave yourself the best present & permission to be more, to allow yourself the opportunity to step into your own greatness & space that your soul wants you to own this lifetime !