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About Lynn  

Hi there and welcome to my bio page, I have had quite a journey this lifetime and my background is quite rich in life experience. I awoke spiritually in 2009, I had tried to open up fully way back in 2003/2004 but I wasn't ready.

 I was working in a District General  Hospital and I was an extended role as a Health  Support Worker. I had trained to be a nurse way back in 1986 , and I left  just before I qualified as I was suffering from depression and poor health at the time. I now know that my fragmentation,Inner child due to the the abuse I had suffered as a child, was significantly affecting my ability to get on in life or reach my potential. 

I married and had two children and left that marriage when my children were quite small,  and then I met the love off my life in 1998, I went on to remarry in 2000 to my current husband who has been such a blessing in my life and held a lot os space for me to find my true pathway.

Just as my two children were  young teenagers, I awoke rather abruptly, and was catapulted onto a journey that was very deep and intense.

From the very beginning, I was drawn to my galactic roots and the goddess energies and I felt very profoundly I had some thing important to do. 
I took a few courses and training at the beginning to reawaken my healer self and I trained as an Angelic Reiki Master Teacher, I had terribly low self-esteem and I really was challenged to step into the unknown( I now know I had a fragmented inner child which was responsible for a lot of my issues). 

I was constantly challenged to step beyond my comfort zone and I struggled so much.

As I gained confidence and had deep faith in my guidance ,I relaxed a little and I  started to tap into my true soul gifts and abilities.

I brought forwards my own healing system and I have trained hundreds of healers over the years. I have written three books, brought out two sets of ascension activations, and  I ran a successfuly ln academy called She Is Powerful from 2017 till late 2021.

I also registered as a publisher under the name Evolution Of Self Publishing  and  I published my own books plus a couple more for others too. ( busy busy!)
In 2021 I was called and guided to co host and facilitate the Crystalline Ascension Codes & White Flame Initiations with Stellar Fairbairn,and we went onto to running a few joint programs together including the 12 month long Rose Spiral, where we facilitated and led a group of very powerful High Priestesses and Goddesses to assist in bringing and resurrecting the Universal Divine mother and bringing together the fragmented soul parts therefore anchoring the return of the divine feminine to the planet. 
It was a very challenging assignment & mission and I feel very proud that I was part of the team.  
We also worked with others as a team to bring back the White Flame of Ascension from Andromeda back to Planet Earth on the winter solstice of 2021, so its been a very busy few years, I also worked as a trine wave to hold a very powerful space for us to rebirth souls outside of the matrix, replacing the traumatised core , and allowing the balancing of the divine feminine and masculine within. 
As I have walked my own path of empowerment and healing I have always tried to assist others by sharing the methods and tools I have used on myself to be assist others and this is what drives me to share my journey and experience to assist others. 
I went through the most profound deep healing at the start of last august 2022 and it took till December of last year to really recalibrate and reset, I was moving house during that time too hundreds of miles to Cornwall in the very southwest of England in the United Kingdom.
I am ready now to expand my work and bring an even greater depth and meaning to my soul work and legacy I will leave I behind for others to carry on. 
I feel very blessed and keen to support others again and to build a very powerful space for transformation to occur, my work is over lighted by the intergalactic star councils, goddess council and my I Am presence. 

With greatest Love 

Lynn x

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