About Lynn  

Lynn holds the templates for the New Earth and New Earth Spiral Rose Codes, she is a Divine Feminine High Council member, and Ascension Specialist.  She holds the New Earth Codes and is responsible for delivering and keeping these codes sacred for humanity and bringing forward accelerated quantum healing solutions for humanity.

Lynn founded She Is Powerful Academy in 2016 and has been running courses and masterclasses on Quantum soul healing and self-mastery, sovereignty, ascension, and empowerment since 2011.

Lynn has written three books and delivered various courses and programs over a five-year period supporting high priestesses, starseeds, and lightworkers with their path of soul empowerment and remembrance of their sacred self. 

Lynn first came into contact with Cosmic Unicorns in 2015 and the King & Queen of the Unicorns Galbrothiar & Galbrossa.  Lynn has worked with them since then and has created healing tools and a hands-on healing course using the frequencies of these amazing Unicorns. We now have a blossoming Unicorn Trust to support children's workshops and inner child healing work.

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