Your here In this world as a divine feminine soul,to make a difference,to express your soul purpose & calling in Its purest & highest form,to feel aligned and experience the abundance & wisdom of your soul. 

Your here to share your soul gifts & abilities in a way that brings you joy, happiness and abundance and to shine brightly like a beacon and lighthouse. I am here to assist you to clear the barriers & blocks to this !

I have created She Is Powerful Healing – Manifesting & Abundance Online Academy & I run regular retreats & Group Empowerment & Healing Programs For Women GLOBALLY 

Lynn xx




She is Powerful Academy – Online Healing & Empowerment , MANIFESTING & ABUNDANCE Courses To Undertake in the Comfort & Privacy Of Your Own Home.

Energetic Tools, Books, Grids, Healing Mats, Goddess Sprays All Created By Lynn 




Lynn M Morris

Founder Of She Is Powerful Soul Mission & Purpose Mentor-Spiritual Teacher -Channel For The Divine Feminine -Author

My Proven and successful track record in assisting woman to align very powerfully with their soul mission & purpose and ten busy years working from the ground up as a hands on healer, workshop teacher, author, intuitive mentor & coach has given me rich experience and valuable knowledge that assists me to facilitate a great transforation in my clients . I just love to work with groups of female lightworkers in transformational healing & mentoring work , helping to bring the best out out of every indivdual that works with me.  Its a pure pleasure and I am blessed to be able to do this work. l 

What if you could make those dreams, and callings of soul come true? What if you came here not just to learn and experience human life but to deliver your soul gifts & abilities to make the world a better place? What if your tribe was waiting? Waiting for your teachings, waiting for your soul wisdom and expertise, waiting for your light and frequencies, waiting for your unique healing abilities, writing abilities, the list goes on!! And how do you share that work out into the world?

How do you package it? How do you know you are in alignment with what your soul wants you to deliver? How can I make it abundant? I doubt I can do it. I might not be good enough. It’s too difficult… Why do I keep coming up against obstacles? I am unsure I am listening to my intuition, I am frustrated with struggling to get it flowing, I am struggling with being visible, being heard!

Well my sweet friend you need strategy! You need confidence! You need huge self belief! You need faith! You need courage! You need a tribe of like minded women cheering you on! You need mentors! You need coaches! You need accountability! You need mindset mastery, you need entrepreneurial skills to make it successful. 

All of this we provide in our She Is Powerful community, because we are walking this journey too and we have walked before you and want to show you how to do this! We want to support you, nurture you, empower you, and give you the tools to be successful, to believe in yourself and your divine calling. Because you are a powerful and infinite divine feminine soul. You have practised your skills, gifts and abilities for many lifetimes and are fully capable and ready to start sharing them with the world.