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Assisting Female Intuitive Entrepreneurs To Heal The Invisible Blocks To Their Soul Power & Soul Purpose Success 


Your Purpose Is Greater & More Powerful 

Than Your Fears  

She Is Powerful Woman’s Healing & Empowerment Conference 8th March 2020 LONDON

This is coming to London for the first time on the 8th March 2020 on international Woman’s Day.  

With Inspiring Guest Speakers, Purpose Workshop and community, love, support, hugs and a special place to make new friends and meet other like minded women looking to serve big in the world. This conference is for Lightworkers, Starseeds, Intuitives, Purpose Led Woman., Venue will be announce by September Tickets are released in October 


 Online Healing & Empowerment Programs For Women

Powerful healing programs to assist you to release fear, ancestral family cycles & patterns, Inner child Healing , Mindset Mastery, Confidence building and what stands in te way of you expressing your unique and authentic self.

How To Heal Your Ancestral Patterns & Cycles   

How To Heal Your Inner Child  

Personal 1 To 1 Mentoring

I offer a personal mentoring service for those wanting to work with me on a more personal and intimate level. I am first and foremost a healer and I hold a powerful healing space for you to shed many , many layers all at once. 

I have two tiers of mentoring My Pearl mentoring package and my Rose Gold package which are basically just different lengths of mentoring. I have worked with hundreds of women to assist them in clarity, healing, past life issues and soul purpose alignment.


I know all to well what its like to feel a burning  passion inside,to make a difference, you see visions of your future,you know yyou have so much to give, you hear the calling from your soul to step up into your greatness 

But You feel blocked, like there are a dozen wooden heavy doors shut tight between you and expressing your purpose in the way your heart & soul is calling you to. You feel frustrated, you feel dragged down and you try desperatly to gain traction, but feel held back with invisible nds. It feels like an invisible battle is going on withion you, your heart and soul calling you to take action, to walk the path of faith and the unseen and unknown. 

But your fears scream at you to stop, don’t move an inch ! Its not safe, this isn’t right, who are you to want to change the world ! Who are you that you might have something important for others ! Your fears, programming, ancestral beleifs, inner child all saying NO !!

But something inside of you keeps you going, you are not going to give up, your purpose is important, ypour skills, gifts & abilities need to be shared in the world. There is a bigger plan and you are part of it, this is important, you are important and your purpose is important.

Source needs you to share what you came here to deliver, your tribe is waiting for you, you have a beautful sacred contract to deliver and people are waiting for you and your special gifts.  IT takes strategy, practice, growth & entrepreneurial mindset to deliver that sacred purpose of yours. 




Is For Those that may have just started out for themselves, or you are still in empolyment but do your light work in your spare time .you are sill trying to access what you should be doing ? You are opening up to your divine purpose, you are being guided, you are expericing synchronicity and you are at times strugglinbg to take on board what is happening to you. You feel drawn to Angels & Divine feminine Energy( Goddess) You may have been told you are a healer and Intuitive 

You want to share your new enthusiam and joy and skills with the world but you don’t know were to start ? Or you have tried and feel its not working or you are missing something, you need strategy, plan, confidence building, mindset work , you need to heal your invisible blocks you can’t see what they are BUT can tell you and show you what they are and how to heal them.  Your looking for confidence building, community,accountability and a place were you will feel not alone.   


ThIs for those that are already sharing some of your gifts , like Angelic Healing, Reiki Healing etc, Coaching, Spiritual teaching etc, but you know you can do more, you feel there are much deeper gifts you have and you need to find those gifts. You are being guided to expand and to move forwards in to greater service but you are facing some deep fears, you want to write a book, create a program expand your healing service, step up into leadership  but invisible blocks stand in the way, you need a strategy, plan, to think bigger., you need to release long held fears and you need accountability, community and a place to feel your not alone.   .

I am accepting applications for the Program From SEPTEMBER 2019     

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Honouring Yourself Is So IMPORTANT

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Lynn is the most authentic and profound healer/lightworker I know. I’ve been working with Lynn in her mentoring program for 4 weeks now and I have experienced the most profound insights and clarity on my soul’s purpose, so much so that I am preparing to walk forward in my full power and anchor my own life’s purpose. She holds a sublime sacred space for you to open to your infinite potential and her wisdom is profound. She also provides amazing practical tools to help you on your journey. If you are considering the mentoring, take that leap of faith, you won’t be disappointed. Thank you from my heart Lynn.

Isobel Stamford

I have just completed the 10-week mentoring programme with Lynn and it was absolutely life-changing for me. Lynn helped me clear away my confusion surrounding my life purpose and supported me in regaining my self-confidence to move forward. She also assisted me in working through some important past life experiences which were holding me back. Thank you, Lynn!


Sharon Wilks