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We Create New Earth Together

New Earth Ascension Technologies & Quantum Healing Courses To Expand Your Soul Gifts & Abilities

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Unlocking Your New Earth Gifts & Abilites - Becoming a New Earth Frequency Holder

Our Future is Bright- We Got This !!

 Its easy to get lost in the crazy world of Ascension teachings and the New Age teachings circus ,so many different conflicting 

perceptions, opinions, so called chanelled information, well here I believe passionatly in getting you to go within, to claim your own personal power and tapping into your inate bullshit detector.

We are all about personal soul empowerment and mastery,, holding space and guiding you to use the tools to heal yourself and if you so are guided , training in the methods we have to hold space for quantum soul healing and liberation.

You are so much more than you can ever iamagine in this himan phusical body, your a walking miracle and thank you for all you do for humanity and want to do. 

We are stronger together, look beyond the false light teachings, the fake gurus, all you need is within. 

Takes a big shovel to find it !1 but its there waiting to be uncovere.

We all have experinced adversity this lifetime one way or another, some  extreme,it only makes us stronger and more determined to complete the journey, to ascend , we live all lifetimes simultaneously in this incarnation to completion of this cycle in the Earths history. 

There has been much interference and desecration of divine law here,layers and layers of  mind control, abuse of humanity on all levels.

The Earth quanrentined from the god worlds, tricks, deception, slavery, oppression, and to many unspeakable things. But a plan was put in place to bring Humanity out of this slavery and containment but it would take eons to achieve, to put so many other layers in and build scaffolding as such to take Earth up to her true place at the 7th dimension (GAIA). 

We have won, we have opened the halls of amneto the gateway uop to the god worlds, the tunnel of freedom to ascenion and leaving this enforced wheel of reincarnation. divine law has been anchored,




Embodiment Of
Your Sovereign Cosmic Self

We Have Trainined For Lifetimes For This Moment In Earths History

We have to remember who we are, thats not easy when we volunteer to come in without a memory of who we are and why we came here,, that takes soul mastery itself !

We collect the battle scars as we go along, get entangled in karmic cycles, and nets as such. we get weighed down as such. 

We have chosen very tough ancestral lines to incarnate into, but why wouldn't a master do that ? who else is going to clear, heal and transmute the generation programming and trauma of humanity if not us !!

Are you ready to expand your frequncy and vibration

Do you need community?

Do you need support ?

Do you struggle to understand the Ascension jargon? 

Do you strugglw with beleiving in yourself? 

Do you keep procrastinating and holding yourself

back from your Soul work ? 

Well New Earth Quantum Healing Portal is here to assist you, to support and encourage you. To hold powerful space for your emergence as a STAR 

We offer PORTAL membership at £44 a month, private group, weekly calls, weekly calls to action, encouragement, love and support. In Portal membership we offer the basics of moving uour healing skills and gifts into the quantum space , expansion, activation , confidence building.


From membership you can branch out into The Quantum Healing courses which are the main branches of the Portal

Quantum Bridge & White Flame Timeline Healing

Quantum Inner Child Healing With Star Nations &

Cosmic Star Unicorns 

Quantum Goddess Star Healing 

`more to come 





Finding Your precious treasure & gems within. 




Attendance By Donation Free For Portal  Membership

Lynn will throughout the yeat be holding frequncy gateway emanations to open space up for others to meditate and journey , also during these emanations we will undertake planetary work as guided and directed. 

PORTAL Membership

Group Mentoring & Community

Opening the Portal membership to give support to those requiring community, encouragement and opportunities to expand their healing gifts & abilities. 

Regular masterclasses, mindset teaching, belief systems, , monthly calls. 

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Welcome To My Website And The  Home of New Earth Quantum Healing PORTAL

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Cosmic Mother Crystalline Light Elixirs




I have been creating these sprays since 2016, and have approx 14 different sprays .
I channel the ascension frequencies and codes into these light elixirs and they are here to support your light body and physical body through Ascension.

The range is always expanding and more are added every few months, I channel the ingredients and the crystals I need to put in the elixir. I use Glastonbury White spring water in all my sprays, and I use sound healing as well and a mix of organic essential oils when possible. as well as channeled light codes and frequencies of the New Earth.


I have just been inspired to create a new range in Cornwall in my new home. This range is designed to support the ongoing symptoms of ascension and to support our mental health.
I have a Etsy shop which is stocked with all my sprays and my sacred geometry grids, and now a special range of Activated Crystals and Divine Feminine Range.  

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